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Favorite ThisDanny Grooves remixes beardthug for ThazDope Records

Published: March 20, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

The Untz FestivalIt's only right that the cat who made the hottest tune on the last ThazDope Records comp gets to remix the cats who made the hottest tune on the previous ThazDope comp. That's just called a smart business plan.

Smooth Moves Danny Grooves knocked my socks clean through my shoes with his “Grouper Chow VIP” from the Flux comp that dropped earlier this month. Mallek Saleh and Seamus Southern are on a roll, with the powerful “Layali” from Flux, as well as the powerful “Girthworm Jim,” which burst off the Heterodox compilation as a true standout, and even pushed me to drop the song into a promo video for ThazDope's stage at The Untz Festival even before it was announced that beardthug would be playing. Tee hee.

Of course, with beardthug's “Girthworm Jim” remix pack dropping tomorrow (March 21) on ThazDope, it was only fair that I get to drop Danny Grooves' remix for this brilliant track. Dan Winston takes very good care of this one, as only a veteran with a laundry list of hip-hop credits to his name, could. But he doesn't lean hip-hop with this one, because he can knock any genre out of the park. That's kinda like... his thing. Instead Danny Grooves goes full on bass cadet and rips the wormhole open even further into weird low-end land. More bass, more experimentation, more fun. The Danny Grooves legend grows even stronger.

beardthug will not only be joining ThazDope Records' stage at our festival, they'll also be hitting the Miami Music Week party with Yheti this weekend, and jumping on the full Wake The Nation tour with Alejo, Psydell, Mt. Analogue, Eazybaked, and so many more cruising the country the month before The Untz Festival on an extended run leading right up to our blowout event in Mariposa, California from June 2-4. Grab your tickets, people, because they're going quick.

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