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Published: April 8, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

Top 10 Live Acts at Euphoria
When it comes to finding the best acts to fill a festival lineup from top to bottom with talent, no one quite does it like The Do Lab. When you look at past Lightning in a Bottle (Bradley, CA - May 22-26) rosters, it's like taking a snapshot of who was hot in that year. And no one's hotter than the acts decorating the LiB lineup this year.
So how do you navigate your way through this stacked bill? How are you going to decide which act to add to your own customized schedule? Rest easy... we got this. We're going to mix it up, give you a lil' bit of this and that, and make sure that you see the LiB-iest acts LiB can offer. Here's your personal Lineup in a Bottle! Sorry, couldn't resist.

10. Plantrae
We're thrilled to see Plantrae making his way onto several bills this summer. I finally got to catch the bowed wonder beautifully entrancing fans at Envision down in Costa Rica with deep grooves, and soaring string melodies. With a focus on sustainability and protecting the wonders of the natural world, there's a message just as deep as the bass, and it's right in line with the LiB aesthetic.

9. Dimond Saints
Dimond Saints
Behold, the brand new project from the Dimond district in Oakland. From the tireless mind of An-ten-nae comes the future beat-focused Dimond Saints duo, looking to put you and your boo in the mood with a cavalcade of sexy hits. This is going to be a coming out party for the new act--anticipation will be at an all-time high!

8. SaQi
That trumpet-playing scamp SaQi stole the Funky Diplomat's One-sie! It's OK... we forgive him. He's too fresh (except for the muddy buttstain) for us to stay mad at him. The Jumpsuit Records team member is on the road all spring building up a fat catalog of tunes to break out at the Bottle, and we know he's got his eye on this very special festival. You're going to want to catch him... before he scurries up a tree!

7. Kalya Scintilla
Kalya Scintilla

Hardly anyone in the psychedelic bass scene--heck, the entire electronic music industry--is blowing up as fast as Kalya Scintilla. The violin-slingin' beat shaman from Down Under has developed a rabid fan base ready to devour the wondrous teachings of Yaygon Lamagaia and the exotic story he unfolds alongside his partner in rhythm, Eve Olution. Quite a stunning spectacle!

6. Kraddy
Everybody needs a little rock 'n' roll in their diet. With the focus of much of Lightning in a Bottle on healing and communing with nature, there aren't going to be a lot of opportunities to let the inner demon child run loose for a little bit. So take Kraddy's set as your chance to bang your head and throw your devil horns up in the air.

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