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Favorite ThisStone Soul focuses on the soulful side of electro-soul with Lexicon EP

Published: October 27, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

Jordan Stone has been putting in the man-hours this year, carefully honing his horn-infused, future funk sound. But with the latest Stone Soul release, his four-track Lexicon EP, the Boulder-based producer is switching up his sound a bit.

Not abandoning his signature sound, by any means, Stone has instead focused on the sexier, groovier, and deeper sounds at his fingertips. This is soulful-electro, in stark contrast to his electro-soul of the past.

"Cloud Nine" eases us into the late-night hot tub with chiller beats than we've heard in a minute. It's a signal that this isn't a party record, rather the after party record.

"Letting Go" brings on some guests to continue the easy-going, laidback tone of the EP. El Dub, Willdabeast (Michal Menert & The Pretty Fantastics), and fellow Boulderite SoDown keep the dubby, chill vibe burning with the light of a thousand votive candles. This is a seriously sensual record.

Few guitarists have caught our attention more than Colorado's own JJ Evanoff (enough so, that we had to put him on The Untz Festival). Stone Soul had to tap him for "Define A Universe," as well. The lightly shredded grooves and wah'd up, reverb'd out chords pair well with some deep, bass grooves. This is a highlight, for sure.

We just dropped the new one from Ryan Viser last week, and now the trumpeter guests on Stone Soul's EP closer "Deep Thinking," which rockets the listener far beyond the asteroid belt. Soaring on some serious synthwork into a magical headbuzz. Plenty of bass to bounce off the horn in this one, as well.

The Lexicon EP is the next step for Jordan Stone as he solidifies just what the Stone Soul sound is trying to be. This is a big statement from a producer who is well on his way to getting huge.

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