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Favorite ThisStephan Jacobs & Mudra debut snarling single 'Flow'

Published: November 30, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

Stephan Jacobs & MudraThis is why you should always enter that remix contest. You tell yourself “Man, I love this track, and I want to make a bigger name for myself, but I'm one of those lazy people,” and then you go back to playing Overwatch. No! Resist that urge, because sometimes you get to make a track with your heroes.

Mudra (along with HNGVR) was selected as one of the winners of a Stephan Jacobs and ill.Gates Skio remix contest. Fast forward to today and now the two of them are about to release an EP on Muti Music, and we're premiering their lead single. Fans of The Untz have known we've been covering the exploits of west coast bass god Stephan Jacobs for years. And we were in early on Italian producer Mudra, from whom we debuted “Mahākalā” ages ago and with whom we conducted an interview last month upon the release of his Monarch EP.

The fruits born of this collaborative partnership include today's premiere of “Flow,” a slimepunk, halftimey stuttering monster of a track that fans of Chee or Tsuruda will instantl fall in love with, as well as the clubbier “Fuego,” which like the lead track also gets a VIP mix, in addition to a B-side. An-ten-nae also took a crack at this one, which gets his signature acid crunk take.

Lesson learned here, remix contests can make your dreams come true.

Pre-order Flow/Fuego before it drops December 8 on Muti Music

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