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Favorite ThisStephan Jacobs & AHEE debut 'Your Weather' featuring Burkey

Published: December 7, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

Stephan Jacobs x AHEESometimes a hype train rolls through the station and everybody's just gotta clamber on. Stephan Jacobs is enjoyin a renaissance of high-profile collabs and releases, lately. The west coast bass vet just dropped a big split EP with Mudra on Muti Music, and is now turning to his good friends (and ours) at ShadowTrix Music for his next big project.

So the story goes that Vokab Kompany's Burkey had just received some fire vocals from May10 Music, and as he was tinkering with it, the name that kept popping up in his head was Jacobs. Mind you, this is in the depths of winter. He sends the track off to Stephan Jacobs and come spring, he's at Lightning in a Bottle at the Thunder Stage watching his ol' buddy throw down.

At this time, another fixture of the southern California scene, the psychedelic wanderer AHEE wanders into frame, and the pair start discussing some collaborative options. The low-wattage, energy efficient spiral type light bulb goes off above Burkey's head, and he thinks, why not smash all these options together. Soon a Frankenstein of a song takes root between the stems of Jacobs and AHEE, and the former road tests the nascent “Your Weather” track out on STM tour with the gang. This cut has everything: global sounds, exotic drops, and a thrilling interplay between its two producers. Now the whole ShadowTrix gang wants to get involved, and the rest is history. Cy Kosis, FatherBear, Psy Fi, and Trevor Kelly have remixes for this poignant cut, and the whole package drops on December 12th.

How's that for story time?

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