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Favorite ThisPizza Party (Stephan Jacobs + NiT GriT) - Motta

Published: June 20, 2012
By: Jordan CalvanoStephan Jacobs and Nit GriT (Danny Beall) are two incredibly hard working producers, but always seem to find the time to bust out cutting edge tracks under their Pizza Party moniker for the duo’s die-hard fans. 
This trend continues, as the California based producer’s follow up their appropriately titled Deep Dish Pizza EP with a glitched out banger that is easily one of their most energetic and impressive tracks to date. “Motta” features complex melodies layered under thunderous snare hits that weave their way in and out as this track builds off itself to create a monstrous cut. Each wobble seems to possess a irrepressible voice that subtly calls out to its listeners as the track pounces with tenacious force, which combine flawlessly with the songs party rockin’ vocal samples. Each producer brings their own tenacious instrumentations and knowledge of music to the table, with the result being a tasty slice just waiting to be gobbled up.
Pizza Party strikes again on another contagious track that is sure to make its way onto one of their upcoming releases, as the two producers continue to improve on every song unloaded from their gun-slinging arsenal. 

Tags: DubstepGlitchHip Hop