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Favorite ThisKeota, Brightside, and DeeZ get behind 'Butt Frankly'

Published: April 1, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

Keota x Brightside x DeeZ - Butt FranklyApril Fool's is canceled this year, because joy has been canceled, too. So what I'm about to lay on you is dead serious: Keota, Brightside, and DeeZ made a tune together, and it's a goddamn monster.

East coast bass boys Tom Brennan, Eric Tully, and Andrew Widdecomb are known for their intricate glitch and experimental sound design. Along with a handful of other producers, these guys have been working on wild solo tunes and innovative collabs, and we're lucky enough to be able to share one of those with you today.

Butt Frankly” is this halftime/hip-hop amalgam that could only feel natural for these fellows, who manage to make a mellow banger feel intense and exciting. There is an inherent crispness in the tune, and while I find myself trying to analyze which flavors and dimensions could be coming from which artist, the gumbo of low end artistry makes me relax my OCD tendencies and surrender to the whoa.

Brightside is an alumnus of The Untz Festival, DeeZ is making his debut this year, and there's no doubt Keota will be amongst our ranks of artists for future events. We're not going anywhere for a while, so until these guys are allowed to grace the stage once more, their studio work is all we can hold in our hands and in our hearts.

Tags: Drum and BassGlitchHip Hop