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Favorite ThisBrightside drops Death Note II mixtape

Published: February 28, 2018

By: Sanjay Gopal

BrightsideUnassuming vibraphone intro, a gun cocks back indicating the sheer proverbial murder in store in this mixtape, glass shatters and the tension slowly and steadily builds atop a swelling trap beat as the mood rises in suspense in the fashion of a dramatic arc, more glass shatters and the electrosaw is pulled out along with a thousand pound drumkit and the LAUGH of KIRA!!! HAHA

For those of you who are familiar with the cult anime, Death Note, you will get the reference. You would also know how less it cares for following a “reliable plot" or for its viewers’ sensitivities.

Between the blatantly cynical narrative, it’s seemingly idealistic anti-hero, Kira, and the highly entertaining, Shnigami "Ryuk," this should be the first and last anime you ever watch.

Eric Tully's mixtape is an attempt to capture the unique vibe of the anime with the most original storyline, and the one which will make all others pale in comparison. This is the second in a series from Brightside, as Death Note II makes another splash in the scene.

The Untz FestivalSinister screeches adorn a mercurial rise in antigravity that projects you off the surface with ANTI MATTER! Trap (flavoured) for days, seldom slowing down for a gas refill, between bass grunts, screeches, sleazy scales, (see-)saw arps, a healthy dose of drum samples and fills keep the beat rolling forward.

If you happen to be a 90's thrash metal fan like me, see if you can spot the Pantera sample! Yes you heard that right (39:09)(some ID from Brightside). My highlights include “Antimatter” from Mad Zach (Long Live the Chief Acapella), Baauer's “Sow,” Brightside and Saltus' collab, and Suicideboys.

Catch Brightside at The Untz Festival this summer alongside such rising stars as kLL sMTH, Chee, CharlestheFirst, SubDocta, and Frequent. They'll all be in Mariposa, California from June 1-3, and you can snag your early birds (until March 9th) at

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