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Favorite ThisWormhole prepares for its Maiden Voyage

Published: October 11, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

Maiden VoyageWhat's left once you've conquered the land with your supreme taste in forward-thinking bass music?

You take to the sea.

Our pals at Wormhole Entertainment are joining forces with Street Ritual and Mychron Extracts to take the best in underground bass music out to the San Francisco Bay.

After concluding the long-running Wormhole Wednesday weekly series this year, which brought developing artists to Oakland for years and years, and moving onto bigger one-off events around the Bay Area, the team is looking to new frontiers to spread its sound.

Fans who have been to The Untz Festival know that their ear for curation and eye for stage design is unmatched. The plan is to take their land-based party aesthetic out to the open water for a unique event with their signature twist.

Maiden VoyageThe Maiden Voyage sets sail from San Francisco's Pier 3 on Friday, October 18th. The lineup boasts some serious heavy hitters, including Mad Zach, Sayer, Andreilien, Mat the Alien, Brightside, Anna Morgan, Bricksquash, and spacegeishA. These are some of our absolute faves, many of whom have graced Wormhole's late night stage at The Untz Festival over the years. This sunset cruise on the beautiful San Francisco Spirit ain't no sweaty basement party, this is a gorgeous vessel with a full bar. Not an event to be missed.

This cruise serves as an official pre-party for Santa Cruz Music Festival. Upon returning to dry land, fans can also hit the after party at Monarch with Hullabalo0, SuDs, Cloud-D, and more.

If you get your ticket by midnight tonight, you will be eligible for a very special deal on a battery and cartridge from Mychron Extracts. You can also purchase 3-packs and 4-packs at a deep discount to save yourself some money and help keep your crew together.

Make sure to jump on those tickets and get yourself on board the ship before it leaves the dock. No land lubbers allowed.

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