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Favorite ThisDesert Dwellers remix Neuroplasm for Tales of Wakaan compilation

Published: January 28, 2016

By: Jonathan Gross

Martin Stääf has been a busy guy. Not only has the Swedish subsonic phenom been prolific as ever producing new tunes and mixes, he's also been criss-crossing the country playing huge gigs as Liquid Stranger. This week, his new label, Wakaan, officially dropped its first release, the star-studded Tales of Wakaan. Featuring contributions from An-ten-nae, Big Chocolate, and Dalton Richmond across the genre-agnostic spectrum covering dubstep, trap, and all things weird, this comp sets the bar high for what Stääf is attempting to conquer as a tastemaker.

Rise of WakaanOne of the highlights of the compilation is Desert Dwellers' Dubz Antispin remix of Neuroplasm's "Bewilderbeast." In signature style, producers Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe whip a devious drum beat under otherworldly effects to bring this dubby bubbler a darkness that only they can pull off. It's wickedly hypnotic, and puts the listener right in the flow.

Liquid Stranger and Desert Dwellers have been busy co-creating, as Stääf recently offered up remix of DD's "Wings of Waves" for their big, two-part remix album. We can only pray this back-and-forth continues between these two mega-stars.

It's not difficult to imagine this simultaneously entrancing thousands at a festival set. And fans at Gem & Jam in Tucson, AZ can expect to engage with this masterpiece when they catch Desert Dwellers live next month.

We're personally looking forward to hearing this one at The Untz Festival when Friend and Moontribe hit the stage at Mariposa County Fairgrounds in Mariposa, CA, when the event hits June 2-4.

Meanwhile, you can catch Liquid Stranger on Rise of Wakaan Tour right now, with fellow compilation contributors Space Jesus and Au5, as they cruise into Slake in New York City tonight, with New England dates on the docket for this weekend. You know the Stranger is going to keep pushing until every bass music fan in the country gets a taste of what Wakaan can do.

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