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Favorite ThisCloZee premieres 'Flow Like Water' optimized for the SUBPAC

Published: November 14, 2017

By: Jonathan Gross

CloZeeFew producers in the bass and glitch-hop scene today are rising as fast as France's Chloé Herry. Making a splash with her rich, guitar-driven bass, and flashy future sounds, CloZee has captured the hearts and minds of music fans around the globe.

On the heels of a jam-packed festival season which extended all the way through Halloween weekend, Herry now turns her attention back to the studio with “Flow Like Water,” a chill, organic hip-hop track inspired by the new SUBPAC series. With a firm grasp on instrumentation and arrangement, CloZee is able to diver further into each frequency range and adjust the tactile thump and purr of each note. Flexing the SUBPAC's skills, Herry has crafted a delightfully immersive experience in sonic form.

SUBPAC M2xWith a deeper, richer understanding of the sub-bass spectrum, Herry was able to bring a whole new dynamism to the track in this optimized version. This premiere comes just a couple weeks after the launch of the SUBPAC M2x, which boasts an increased dynamic range that allows for a broader, more natural representation of the music—helpful for more organic sounds like the one represented in this song.

There's also lower total harmonic distortion, which guarantees better definition across the spectrum, and the biggest improvement of all, 8+ hours of battery time, so you can be producing on the go for even longer. This is a huge leap in quality for the unique production tool used by leaders across the electronic music and hip-hop industry.

Thus far, we have released three tracks from producers across the bass gamut who have optimized their music for the SUBPAC, including Andreilien, Birds of Paradise, and Liquid Bloom.

FEEL SUBPAC with CloZee (and download this new track!)

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