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Favorite ThisLiquid Bloom optimizes Deya Dova for the SUBPAC

Published: October 17, 2017

By: Jonathan Gross

Deya DovaAs part of its continuing FEEL SUBPAC campaign, the innovative music technology brand is bringing fans more bass as envisioned by its creators. The latest producer to get on board with the SUBPAC movement is Liquid Bloom a.k.a. Amani Friend of Desert Dwellers and other projects. Taking his track with the powerful vocalist Deya Dova to new depths in sound, the track “Resonant Migration” is completely reimagined with the help of the SUBPAC.

With a deeper, richer understanding of the sub-bass spectrum, Friend was able to bring a whole new dynamism to the track in this optimized version. The even better news is that this track coincides with the release of the SUBPAC M2x, which boasts an increased dynamic range that allows for a broader, more natural representation of the music—helpful for more organic sounds like the one represented in this song. You're really feeling the forest all around you with this optimized range. 

Liquid BloomThere's also lower total harmonic distortion, which guarantees better definition across the spectrum, and the biggest improvement of all, 8+ hours of battery time, so you can be producing on the go (read: on that coast-to-coast flight), for even longer. This is a huge leap in quality for the unique production tool used by leaders across the electronic music and hip-hop gamut. The big news for SUBPAC users is that the M1 and M2 will no longer be produced in favor of the new M2x's. The industry standard in physical production is setting its own bar high.

Stay tuned to our ongoing series with SUBPAC, as we bring fans even more tunes tweaked to precision and optimized for users of the new M2x models, out now.

FEEL SUBPAC with Liquid Bloom

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