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Favorite ThisFEEL SUBPAC Premiere of the Month: Birds of Paradise

Published: August 15, 2017

By: Jonathan Gross

It's time to really start feeling your music.

Producers all over the world have started to use the SubPac to get a kinetic response from both the music they're creating and the music they're enjoying. This unique device allows the listener to actually get a sense of the power of their music in a portable, quiet-to-the-outside world discreet package.

World-famous sound engineers like Richie Hawtin, Timbaland, and BT are beginning to create special videos, samples, and VST's specifically for SubPac users, and today, The Untz launches the FEEL SUBPAC Premiere of the Month.

Birds of ParadiseBird of Prey's Torin Goodnight and Tyler Gibson have been producing and performing as Birds of Paradise for years. Now the pair unleashes “Secrets of the Banyan Tree,” a thrilling ride through twisted subsonic psychedelia that needs to be experienced with a SubPac to full be understood.

“Being able to physically experience the texture of a given sound, and how it interacts with other elements has become an invaluable addition to our creativity and mixing process,” Gibson and Goodnight said. “The SubPac provides us with a whole new level of precision while delivering a genuinely enjoyable experience. We love it!”

Find out why the SubPac has become an indispensible part of so many electronic music studios. Visit to download this new track for free, and truly understand the power of harnessing your own music. Catch Birds of Paradise live at Global Eclipse Gathering this weekend, followed by Motion Notion next weekend.

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