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Favorite ThisBrightside teams up with Tiedye Ky on 'King Korso'

Published: January 9, 2018

By: Kevin Sanders

BrightsideSmooth basslines and synchronized synths are the name of the game in todays pop EDM scene, and while the formula may work for many electronic fans, there is still a whole mass (majority?) of listeners who crave something a little more…artistically anarchic. Thankfully there is a thriving sub scene that more than satisfies these urges, and Brightside is one of the rapidly emerging stars in this arena, producing music as barbaric yet precise as gladiators of old.

Linking up with Tiedye Ky for their latest offerings to the rabid masses, “King Korso” has all the schizophrenic sound design hallmarks that make the experimental bass field so exciting. To the casual listener, the groove is difficult to find, but after dirtying your ear sockets once or twice you can easily find the coordinated cacophony they are going for. Tossing in a couple samples from the ubiquitous King Kendrick, this co-produced tune has a prehistoric panache, indulging your primal urges to music that will stay far from radio waves, but will most certainly make the rounds in underground shows and side stage ragers.

Tags: Dubstep