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Favorite ThisTRIBONE busts a mycelial cap with flying colors

Published: February 17, 2017

By: Bo Nuanual

Anticipation and desire increasingly overwhelm the senses just moments after pressing play. Unique and mysterious, each sound seems to bounce off of the smooth contours outlining a mysterious vessel in previously uninhabited space. Sounds resonate and direct themselves into existence like popcorn expanding and reverberating to pleasantly awaken the void. And then, the space ship thrusts into purpose.

Track one off of Tribone’s Vagary EP gets us going. I first listened to this while driving my red car over a river in Portland. Somewhere around two minutes into the first track, I was compelled to start speeding and was not too concerned if my doing so would consequently plunge me into the river below the beams. I knew if I died, I would certainly die happy. It’s appropriate that this track is entitled, “Steering Through.”

Track two is psychedelic bass at its theoretical peak. Imagine a healthy handful of friendly and bitter advice. Somewhere two hours down the road you might start talking to the clouds. Take that scene and multiply it by ten. If track two was a paintbrush, I do not imagine it would be likely that the squares would understand the finished canvas here. TRIBONE and Whitebear’s collaboration on track two entitled, “Morlock Night,” is like going to dinner with your lover and then going home to dinner with your lover. It’s fire. It’s the best.

Track three, “Insatiable,” is more psychedelic weirdness. Like waiting in line at a music festival for about half an hour to take a piss into that deep blue structured abyss; when you finally make your way into the temple—you occasionally find the God head. Although the bathroom line is far from the supersonic speed you had wished it to be, the throne is almighty and a reward you will remember for the rest of your life. This track is pretty dope too.

Get TRIBONE's Vagary EP from Shanti Planti as a pay-what-you-want download!

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