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Favorite ThisKalya Scintilla releases Open Ancient Eyes Remixed

Published: July 27, 2017

By: Mitchell Treend

We have finally had some time to digest all the magic that is packed in to this brand new Open Ancient Eyes Remixed album from Kalya Scintilla. After hearing of the initial plans to revisit this album with a host of remixes, it became obvious that it was time so go back and listen to the original work in its entirety. It has been a few years since its release and each track still opens up completely new ideas as it unfolds. Now, with the help of ten massively talented artists from around the world, the depths of this album have been pushed further beyond all that we could have imagined.

The cast includes the likes of Desert Dwellers, Whitebear, TRIBONE, and more. Contributions from Kaya Project, Beatroots, David Starfire, and others create an entirely new way to enjoy the originals with daring, experimental takes and groove-focused recreations. This is a who's-who of stars in the psychedelic bass community.

This collection also includes a special remix from Pathwey, the winner of a remix context. With ample diversity, Open Ancient Eyes Remixed is more than enough to keep you busy while we eagerly await the next full-length Kalya Scintilla album.

Visit Kalya Scintilla's Bandcamp page to download the album

Tags: DubstepGlitchPsytrance