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Favorite ThisTop 20 Psychedelic Bass Pioneers [Page 4]

Published: September 16, 2015

By: Harry Coomer

5. Phutureprimitive
Rain has really brought the twisted, trippy sounds of the subsonic psychedelic world to the main stream. By fusing pop elements with his signature bass growl, he has been a key figure in bringing attention to this corner of the music industry.

4. Liquid Stranger
While many fans might associate Martin Staaf with powerful, banging bass, those in the know are well aware of Liquid Stranger's epic downtempo sets and twisted, psychedelic dubplates.

3. Ott
Leaning heavily towards the dub realm, in recent years Ott has definitely evolved to cover a wider gamut of styles, and on his latest record, Fairchildren, did not hesitate to go completely mental on a few of the tracks. He never likes to go the easy route!

2. Shpongle
As emissary of the Twisted Records label, and member of such notable projects as Hallucinogen and Younger Brother, when Simon Posford and Raja Ram get together, the doors of perception are flung wide open. While Shpongle music tends to stray from heavy, heavy bass, there's no doubting the overwhelming influence of the music on this crowd--you gotta give them credit.

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