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Favorite ThisTop 20 Psychedelic Bass Pioneers [Page 2]

Published: September 16, 2015

By: Harry Coomer

15. Eat Static
Many look at Merv Pepler as THE MAN. He's been around the block twice, and remains a massive figure in the European psy sphere. Eat Static was absolutely instrumental in inspiring half the names on this list.

14. VibeSquaD
Now Aaron Holstein is a tricky one for a number of reasons. During the waning days of ZILLA's heavy touring period, this drippy, bizarre, inexplicable sound known as VibeSquaD was developing. While Holstein's sound definitely veers into a more experimental glitch and dubstep sound, you can't deny that most of his shit is super psychedelic. Like "what the fuck was that." it's undeniable.

13. Andreilien
A massive figure in all areas of psychedelia (including his intricate 3D fractal art), it was such a huge boon for the psy bass wave when Bassnectar tapped Andrei to tour with him. His contributions date back to his early Heyoka brand, and continue to be a sign post for up-and-comers.

12. Kaminanda
When it comes to psychedelic bass, nobody embodies the sound more than this man. With a background in jam bands, he brings the psychedelic rock component into his palette with a multitude of Phish, Grateful Dead, and Pink Floyd homages.

11. Kalya Scintilla
This Aussie artist has been cultivating a global fan base for years now, and is finally starting to emerge onto the US scene in a big way--meanwhile his tribal trance project MerKaBa seems to be equally as potent.

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