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Favorite ThisTop 10 Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain Must-See Sets [Page 2]

Published: March 5, 2018

By: Mitchell Treend

7. The Werks

The Werks

These guys are The Untz Festival alums and we have been obsessed with their tunes for a while. We have had first hand experience watching the magic unfurl from their spellbound fingers and it's easy to say that this set is sure to rock some sense into your beleaguered macaroni brains.

6. Muzzy Bearr

Muzzy Bearr

Easy pick. Dan Hacker played guitar on tour with GRiZ at age 17. Now at 25, he has taken this prestige and poured it into the Muzzy Bearr project. His releases speak for themselves. His grooves are undeniable and you will not want to miss a chance to see this dude live. If hip-hop and funk speak to your soul then you know where you will be for this one.

5. beardthug


Thazdope stage is a pretty obvious choice for discovering some of the next best and brightest acts on the horizon. After catching beardthug at The Untz Festival last year, we can assure you that these dudes are on track for big things as well. Their tunes boast a heavier flavor and will definitely wobble your gray matter if you stick your head far enough into that rack.

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