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Favorite ThisTop 10 Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain Must-See Sets

Published: March 5, 2018

By: Mitchell Treend

Top 10 Backwoods at Mulberry MountainBackwoods Music Festival returns this year to bring you all those magnificent frequencies you crave so much.

Mulberry Mountain in Ozark, Arkansas will be overflowing with beautiful bodies and bass-laden waves of euphoria from April 20-22.You will dance, you will laugh, you may even find love.

However, if you find yourself drowning in the riptide of indecision, here is a helpful list of artists you should probably check out this year.



This Denver Duo won The Untz Challenge last year and they definitely haven't stopped leveling up since then.Their tunes are groovy, crunchy, and assuredly freaky fun. This is one of those small print names that you should get on board with right now.

9. Smith.

One member of the ThazDope Records late-night stage, Smith. has been crushing it for more than just a little while. He is no stranger to what we do at The Untz and his music tells a similar tale. You won’t be disappointed wandering over for this one.

8. Danny Grooves

Another member of ThazDope late-night, Danny Grooves has put out a few tracks in the last few months that absolutely blew us away. His style blends hip-hop and bass music in the most satisfying way. Get yourself out to this one for something undeniably groovy.

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