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Favorite ThisTop 10 Australian EDM Artists

Published: October 17, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

When we initially started brainstorming ideas for this list, it was obvious there would be some tough choices to make. After a couple days of research, we were pulling our hair out from the never-ending supply of Australian producers whipping up a mighty wind. In a good way though. Dedicated groups like Parkway Drive, Angus & Julia Stone, Empire of The Sun, Hilltop Hoods, and Tame Impala have spread across the globe like wildfire these past five years in various genres, setting the table for an abounding supply of electronic artists to prove their salt in Australia’s unique scene. They haven’t just taken the opportunity; these musicians have created a massive uprising that can’t be stopped by human forces. Even our honorable mentions list was tough to make. We could have included like 40 names, but felt that might have been a bit excessive. Either way, indulge in our top ten and don’t forgot to research the names we included after the number one artist. Shit is the realness. 

10. Cosmo's Midnight
Cosmo's Midnight - Top 10 Australian EDM Artists
In today’s blossoming world of electronic music, one of the most crucial facets a producer must possess in his or her repertoire is diversity. Whether that’s shifting genres from time to time, or simply creating an array of ambiances amongst each individual song. Cosmo’s Midnight (Sydney) has effortlessly mastered this task since spending nine months in the womb together. Just imagine all the conversations they had in there. “One day man, we’re going to storm this industry with dope beats.” And that’s exactly what they’ve done, sticking to the plan and delivering a refined and bewitching sound that grips like blue swimmer crabs. Seriously, just try listening to their haunting remix of fellow Australians Snakadatkal just once. You can’t do it. 

9. Kalya Scintilla
Kalya Scintilla - Top 10 Australian EDM Artists
Long before countless Australian artists were making moves with spellbinding and appetizing pieces of art, it was all about native instruments like the didgeridoo. Kalya Scintilla (Blue Mountains) thrives on this cultural influence, carefully pulling inspiration from the continent he calls home to create a shimmering style of tribal trip-hop. Eating dinner at your local Outback and drinking Fosters won’t take you back to the golden days of the Australian wilderness, but Scintilla’s charmingly ambitious beats just might. Dave Tipper’s long lost brother born in “the bush.” How fitting. 

8. Tommy Trash
Tommy Trash - Top 10 Australian EDM Artists
It’s almost unfathomable to imagine what Tommy Trash (Sydney) has done in only 25 years on this earth. You would have thought “The Dude” was like 40 with everything he’s accomplished in such a short time. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s worked with veteran producers like A-Trak, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Wolfgang Gartner, or maybe because he possesses a shockingly similar resemble to Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski. Probably what he’s going for with that haircut. Plus Mr. Bridges makes music to. What do you think a Jeff Bridges and Tommy Trash colab would sound like? We’ll let your mind wander. 

7. tyDi
tyDi - Top 10 Australian EDM Artists
We have to wonder why Tyson Illingworth (Brisbane) decided to go with the tyDi moniker. Do you think his mother just yelled at him all day like “Tyson, you need to keep your room tidy or you’ll never get anywhere.” Something about those constant complaints must of struck accord amongst young Tyson. While he was mopping the floor and putting trash in the rubbish, tyDi must have realized it was time to pick a profession where he was constantly touring. And now he’s a world class DJ making visceral tracks that kick like an angry kangaroo. The trance family thanks you Mrs. Illingworth. 

6. ShockOne
ShockOne - Top 10 Australian EDM Artists

When do you think the EDM community is going to start putting specific tags on genres coming out of Australia? “Hey man, have you heard his new Koala trap track, or some of that big Great Barrier room house? While those genres haven’t quite captured the broader market, we have been fiending for some good down under drum ‘n’ bass. The good homie ShockOne (Perth) happens to be the genre’s current ringleader, coalescing emotive moments with fiery instrumentations to establish a balanced and nostalgic sound. And if you haven’t dug into Universus via Viper Recordings, we suggest getting right on that. Real talk.


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