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Favorite ThisPortland's Mettā shows are a bass Mecca

Published: November 29, 2017

By: Mitchell Treend


The music scene in Portland, Oregon is diverse, eclectic, and strange. Like most major cities, performances cater to a wide array of tastes and styles, while the city's strong indie rock and pop reputation prevails. In regards to the electronic underground scene, well-curated parties were few and far between in favor of more mainstream acts. That is, until Rose Entertainment entered the picture.

We had the pleasure of stopping by the newest production venture from Stephen Rose and his team coined Mettā, featuring a killer lineup of performers we know and love dearly. Mettā is more than just a show, this is a gathering of artists, performers and fans supporting the creative community. It features live painting, local vendors, interactive experiences, and of course, top tier music.

This month’s event featured the likes of Whitebear, Kaminanda, Sixis, and a special performance from Kalya Scintilla. Notice anything? Yes, that's right, we did have most of these artists at the inaugural edition of The Untz Festival. Since then a lot has changed, new levels have been reached, goals have been smashed through, and we couldn’t be more proud to continue supporting this community for many years to come.

Already this year, Rose Entertainment has brought out past festival artists like Shlump, PROKO, and NastyNasty. Just this weeked they brought out dubstep legend Hatcha, and now Minnesota is already sold out for this Friday, BUKU and LUZCID hit Whiskey Bar the following week, BOT is on the schedule for later next month, and even more eclectic sounds with Daedelus towards the end of the year. Breaking genres from street bass to psy bass to house and techno, there are clearly no genre restraints for this crew.

If you find yourself swamping around the Pacific northwest in the near future, Mettā is an event to keep watch over. This past event sold out one of the best venues in the city and kept patrons on high into the early hours of the morning.

Don’t believe us? Try a few videos to adjust your perspective.

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