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Favorite ThisSugarBeats soar above the future funk crowd with new album Fly High

Published: April 28, 2016

By: Joshua Krol

It seems spring has sprung for future funk outfit SugarBeats. The duo’s new album, Fly High, was released the day after the equinox and contains no shortage of bright funky tunes that bloom with excitement and groove. The album was released on Nick Middleton's (The Funk Hunters) label, Westwood Recordings, and is a stellar collection of original glitch, funk, and bass tracks.

Formed in 2012 by fresh-faced producers Ananda Goldsmith and Luke Estes, SugarBeats have already made a name for themselves in the glitch-hop arena. Drawing influences from EDM contemporaries like Griz, Opiuo and Koan Sound, SugarBeats have managed to create a profound sound all their own.

Fly High contains a consistent flow of thick bass riffs with a sultry undertone which is accomplished through progressive bass stylings supplemented by a diverse cast of talented musicians and vocalists. The first track, “About Us,” is a perfect example of this union as SugarBeats recruited Muzzy Bearr (All Good Records) and female vocalist Veronica RockStar for the opening banger. An upbeat, funky jam that showcases the vibes that are present throughout the record.

The album glides along with “Moon Walker” and “Coasting to Nowhere,” two smooth tracks that feature sax and strings samples respectively behind dreamy female vocals. Every song included on the album feature female vocals and samples. A seemingly rare but welcomed element that adds color to the record as a whole.

After pumping out a juicy, glitch-hop heavy inspiration of a song in “Triumph,” SugarBeats pushes forward with “Bring Back the Melody” and “Once A Year.” While “Bring Back the Melody” is a simple composition that coasts by on a choir of horns and powerful vocal parts, “Once A Year” is a drippy future-funk tune that starts out light but explodes with sexy sax lines and fatty bass slaps.

SugarBeats keeps the momentum going as both “Book of Matches” and “Up in the Clouds” maintain a balanced yet tough demeanor as horns and guitars lead the songs up to big bass drops and classic glitch-hop breakdowns that are sure to get dancefloors jumping.

The final track on the record, “Out of the Frame,” sees SugarBeats switching gears as if almost allowing the listener to catch their breath after the funky onslaught. Pumping out a steady house beat behind a stimulating vocal duet, “Out of Frame” is not only a great way to wrap up the album but also shows the diversity behind the SugarBeats sound.

SugarBeats just came off of a tour in support of the album that included opening slots on the Granola Jones tour with The Floozies. Expect to see more out of the duo as they head back into the studio and are scheduled to play The Untz Festival in June.

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