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Favorite ThisSamples: Chill Works Vol. 3

Published: April 17, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

One aspect of a talented artist in today’s dance music landscape is the ability to produce diverse music on different projects and releases. While it’s important to hone in and create your own sound, it is also important to avoid being repetitive from song to song.
In that spirit let us formally introduce the uninitiated to Samples—Ben Samples. The Denver producer has been killing it lately with a knack for creating a slew of rampant cuts that possess different tempos, energy’s, and overall feels. He has put together a steezy sound that ranges from mid tempo vocal-infused masterpieces to all out synth smackin bangers that will move the crowd like Samples prefers; shaken not stirred.  Samples has been busting out nothing but mouth watering cuts as of late which can be heard on bass booming releases like Sex, Drugs & Bass and Life of the Party, and on cataclysmic remixes of artists like The Weeknd, Alpha Data, and Justice.
On his most recent release, Chill Works Vol. 3, Samples adds another group of songs to his impressive series of heart-warming remixes and vocal based originals.
Opening up the collection of tunes is an instant classic that takes on the incredibly potent and in your face vocals of Florence + The Machine and reworks them to perfection. “Only if for a Night,” is a sensual and mesmerizing cut that features potent drum hits and a limitless supply of euphoric piano chords that create an uplifting and inspirational aura. 
“Hide & Seek,” takes on the well-known, slowed down love song from Imogen Heap and doesn’t even make you wait for the classic “Whatcha say” lines that are so captivating and pulsing to the mind, while also adding a slightly dubby atmospheric aura to top it off.
Two songs riddle their way across the release that are not considered remixes, but take on the classic lyrics of female vocals and let the men takeover. “Motivation to Screw,” is a sexual slow jam featuring the lyrics of Kelly Rowland and Lil’ Wayne pitch changed like you’ve never heard him before.  “Starry Screw,” features head bobbing claps and serotonin boosting piano melodies layered under the lines to “Starry Eyed” in a whole new way. 
We also see a massive burst of soulful R&B making its way onto this release. “Grind on Me,” adds a momentous and immersive soundscape to compliment Pretty Ricky’s classic 90’s vocals, while “Sure Thing,” adds passive and melodic background sounds to the chilled out emotional love song from Migeul.
Chill Works Vol. 3 is a must have for any Samples fan. This album is a name your price release so either pick it up for free on Bandcamp, or if you’re feeling generous donate to support amazing music.

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