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Favorite ThisRobotic Pirate Monkey x Late Night Radio: Dreamin'

Published: January 11, 2013
By: Alex Silva

You’ve heard their originals and you’ve heard their remixes, but have you ever heard their collaborative efforts? Probably not. With the release of their new track “Dreamin’,” Colorado’s Robotic Pirate Monkey and Late Night Radio team up to bring listeners their first original joint project. In this modern take on The Mamas and the Papas’ version of “California Dreamin’,” one can sense the duality of inspirations behind the music production.

They begin the track with a warm guitar intro to commemorate the late P.F. Sloan, the man whose fingers gave life to the guitar intro of the original 1960s track. Never coming on too strong, the guitar slowly builds into an organized mesh of vocal samples, grungy synths and glitched up beats that maintain a funky glide through the end of the song. RPM and LNR toss the creativity stick back and forth throughout most of the track, adding a heavy soul influence over the recorded instrumentals to shadow a mellow tone for what could be interpreted as a subtle tribute to Bud Shank, the American alto musician who played flute and sax for the original instrumental version of “California Dreamin’,” alongside Chet Baker on trumpet. An original collaboration on top of another original collaboration—genius!

Tags: Dubstep