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Published: October 23, 2014

By: Bryan W. Nonni

When I think about an online resource that is the leading name for EDM news, fresh music, and event listings, I think of When I think about an e-cig or vape pen company who is the leading name in quality vaporizers, I think of Ripstic.

Recently, these two companies collaborated on a limited edition The Untz x Ripstic Vaporizer Kit. Ripstic is a relatively small company ambitiously created by three friends in Athens, Georgia. They have rapidly built a brand around reliable customer service, customization, and economical products. In a rapidly expanding vaporizer market, Ripstic stands out for a couple reasons.

The Ripstic is a highly customizable product with attachments for e-cig, dry herbs, and concentrates, all compatible with any battery. Other companies require consumers to pay top dollar for replacement parts and batteries; Ripstic has a 30 day “no questions asked” return policy on their batteries and defective parts.

Ripstic is now one of the first to offer Titanium Coil Ceramic Wickless attachments. This makes for the highest quality vapor, great durability, premium taste, and no burnt wicks! On top of that, they now offer a quad-diffused water bubbler attachment, The RipBub, made from American glass.

Another major selling point for Ripstic is their emphasis on customer service. They will remind you of your closest friends. They attend all the same festivals and shows as you, and put their name out their in a friendly, respectful and courteous manner. They will sell you a quality product without a catch. We promise. No catches. Ripstic has done multiple collaborations with well-known artists such as STS9, Robotic Pirate Monkey, BoomBox, Project Aspect, and NOW The Untz.

The Untz x Ripstic collaboration kit is a sleek and clean looking product. All black with a silver The Untz logo at the bottom of the battery. It’s a steal at $90.00 for the entire kit. The kit includes an official full color The Untz logo case, a Stainless Well, and both the RipDome and RipRaw attachments.

The Stainless Well is very discreet, has the largest capacity and is great for traveling without reloading. The RipDome is a portable dome and nail that vapes concentrates in a ceramic cup with a coil. The RipDome has the ability to be upgraded to a Wickless Titanium Coil Nail. The RipRaw is used for any type of raw smoking materials. Lets say you are an old school smoker and like raw, shredded tobacco leaves. This attachment allows you to continue to vape those leaves but in a safer and more health conscious way.

The biggest perk to all of the Ripstic products is the health consciousness factor. Vaping is a newer and safer alternative for consumption to any traditional tobacco or herbal product. Now you can support The Untz while also supporting your health. Check them out now:

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