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Favorite ThisR/D releases new track: "The Wilhelm Scream (R/D Remix)" by James Blake

Published: July 6, 2011

In observance of Independence Day, American producer R.D. White has snatched something from the Brits, and made it his own. Much ado has certainly been made about the U.K.'s minimalist-production prodigy James Blake. With BBC1 and Pitchfork tracking Blake's every move, and his delicate take on early-wave dubstep pushing DJs across the pond to further boundaries of experimentation, it's time some of his genius was given the ol' Yankee dressdown.

With a free album out now, and a string of dates with The Glitch Mob on tap, R/D is gaining speed, and fans are becoming more and more familiar with his signature, melodic synth work. The second single from James Blake's eponymous debut is a haunting, ethereal exercise in subtlety. R/D takes "The Wilhelm Scream," aesthetic, patience and power, and turns up the bass. With deeply passionate builds and solid craftsmanship, White injects the remix with a potent cocktail of his own bass brand and American spirit.

Tags: BreaksElectroGlitchHip Hop