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Favorite ThisR/D feat Swan - Wishbone (SIDECAR TOMMY remix)

Published: February 28, 2012
By: Beth Ann Johnson
Sidecar Tommy (founding member of Beats Antique) takes on the mesmerizing electronic elements of Pair of Arrows (the duo of indie bass impresario R/D and sultry vocalist Swan) with his latest remix of their Bay Crush hit, "Wishbone." Before introducing the powerful synth omnipresent in the original, the track opens with a beautiful piano melody as Swan's dreamy vocals quietly echo in the background. The remix artist then imprints his percussion roots by transforming the snare into a rhythmic drum pattern. Having experience rooted in indie rock and glitch, there's no doubt producers Sidecar Tommy and R/D would make for a winning combination.

Tags: BreaksElectroGlitchHip Hop