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Favorite ThisT. Mills - Hollywood (R/D Remix)

Published: March 1, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

Nobody knows Hollywood like R/D. The L.A. transplant who now calls the Bay Area home has unleashed a new sound on unsuspecting fans and newbies, alike. Borrowing a ballad from a fellow H-wood outsider, pop star rapper T. Mills, R.D. White thrusts some evolved bass blasts into the heart of this slick tune. The maturity and grandeur of typical R/D fodder is there, but some decidedly shiny new tricks are added into the mix to take the sound to a whole new level. We see a dichotomous split in White's world: heavier bass and chic techniques will mark the new R/D territory, while the cerebral bass and indie aesthetic will dominate his new Pair of Arrows project with Swan. It never hurts to double down.  

Tags: BreaksElectroGlitchHip Hop