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Favorite ThisR/D - Podcast Episode 56

Published: March 15, 2011


During the mid- to late-90's, R.D. White was DJing parties in LA with some of the biggest names in IDM.  After the demise of IDM, White began scoring films and doing sound design for television programs.  However, by the mid 2000's, economic woes hit small studios across Hollywood, and R.D. turned back towards his true passion: creating music.  His roommates, Ed Ma and Josh Mayer, were experimenting with a new kind of sound.  Slow, melodic, forceful.  They would go on to form The Glitch Mob, and R.D. was so inspired by their pioneering efforts in the West Coast bass music scene, that he retooled his own sound, and got back in the game.

R/D is on the verge of releasing his follow-up to 2010's Cricket EP, the full-length Liquid Heart Keeper.  Packed with his signature large-scale melodies and symphonic breakdowns, R/D produced a great deal of the record on the road, show by show, with acts like VibeSquaD.  Make sure you catch an excerpt from this podcast, released earlier this week, which pulls back the curtain on the design of R/D's latest album cover.

Altanta-based, spacetronica force EP3 is releasing a new EP through The Untz on March 21st.  Catch an exclusive interview with the band on next week's Untz Podcast, which drops at the same time as Eight Planets Past Pluto. Check out their first single, Soul Follow Me, which came out earlier this week at

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