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Favorite ThisR/D: Liquid Heart Keeper Review

Published: April 6, 2011

By: Christine Cauthen

With titles like “Neck Bites”, “Relation Ships”, “Ghosted Lover” and “Your Misty Eyes are M.I.N.E.,” glitch and bass producer R/D’s latest full-length release Liquid Heart Keeper carries an emotionally charged theme throughout. The passion filling each song title overflows into the beats and melodies, evoking not only the urge to move, but also the urge to reflect.

It’s rare to contemplate life while shaking your butt, but if it’s possible with any album, R.D. White’s Liquid Heart Keeper is a contender. Fast-paced beats keep the momentum at a good clip, while a wide array of layered sounds and complex compositions make it more than just a party album.

The opening strains are of a deliberately building bass that climaxes in unison with strong vibrations pulsing across distinctive chords, creating a beautiful but powerful piece representative of its “Neck Bites” moniker. The second track on the album exudes a kind of raw, gritty feel to it—antithetical to the smooth, flowing melody of the first. Not long after “Smitten Seeker” begins, melodic layers are incorporated, bringing the music full circle.

The balance motif is present throughout LHK. Each of White’s songs feels complete; nothing on the album feels unfinished or lacking in any way. The beats interact seamlessly, and every song fits like a puzzle piece with each preceding and subsequent cut. While this is considered a positive trait by most, some listeners may be looking for more variety in a record, and those listeners would be disappointed.

The record’s standout is clearly “Vintage Me, Vestige You.” The song begins with a vocal audio sample from an interview and quickly transitions into a steady beat with unique chords worked into the melody. The song has a sort of video-game feel—descending notes drop out over a consistent, staccato beat.

Liquid Heart Keeper closes with “Your Misty Eyes Are M.I.N.E.,” a soothing yet upbeat number. R/D’s ability to change the backbeat while keeping the melodies methodical, moving, and smooth is what sets him apart from other artists.

Based in L.A., and coming out of a scene known for over-the-top productions and slick studio tricks, White’s release seems grounded, almost wholesome. Not once does any change feel forced or uncomfortable. The music flows from an extremely natural place, and if the title is any indication, it’s coming from the heart.

Relation Ships

Neck Bites

Passion Designer

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