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Favorite ThisRameses B continues his prolific run of hits with 'Bae Bae'

Published: August 20, 2015

By: Brent Stenstrom

Are you looking for something a little slower that still packs a solid punch for your end of the summer chill sesh? If so, then Rameses B’s “Bae Bae” is right up your alley. The indie music producer from Leeds, UK dropped a fresh new tune onto his Soundcloud page yesterday that will leave you questioning whether or not Porter Robinson has a new UK alias. It’s a solid example of how listening to music is more like listening to a slow emotional story.

The track itself may only be four and a half minutes long, but it takes listeners on a much deeper spiritual journey. The intro to the track is more reminiscent to a Blackmill chillstep track rather than a melodic dubstep tune, which ensnares its listeners into its grasps and doesn’t let go until the track is over. Once you begin the ride, you’re taken on a magical journey as the pace quickens with some drum and bass undertones. With the addition of some subtle heartfelt vocals near the end of “Bae Bae”, it leaves you wanting more melodic madness as the song slowly comes to its majestic end.

Tags: Dubstep