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Favorite ThisRameses explores love and philosophy with free Essence EP

Published: August 20, 2015

By: Daniel Finney

The first delicious taste I got of Rameses B's new Essence EP was while traveling to ColoRADo from Chicago after an amazing (and exhausting) weekend at Lollapalooza. I sat in Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on minimal sleep, as to not miss my flight, and pulled up his Soundcloud profile. I slipped on my Monster DNA headphones, closed my eyes to drown out any distractions, and pressed that lovely orange play button on the first song, "Goddess VIP."

My ears and senses are greeted by a low volume, up-tempo beat with faint sounds of birds chirping in the background as if to say "Good morning." Within moments, the beat gets quieter and a man's voice chimes in with thought provoking spoken-word that flows with the beat swimmingly. As I reached the pinnacle (of said spoken word), the beat drops faster and harder causing my body to start moving in my seat and my neighbors to start looking at me a little funny. The song proceeds to keep me moving, living around the same tempo with the exception of a few cuts and spoken word inclusions. Rameses now has me awake and my attention captivated. 

I move onward to the next track, "Soul Essence," which starts with a downtempo, irie-psychedelic sound. In moments the bass starts kicking and the song flowing forward. At 2:45 in the beat drops out and the irie-ness comes back and flows into a beautiful piano line. Rameses once again bringing in one of my favorite things about electronic music, the spoken word quotes, over the heavenly sound of the piano. The part of the song where there are words that make you think, reflect, and be inspired; The part where your body is flooded with goosebumps from how blissful the combination of music and words make you feel. Other than pure love, no other emotions or feeling compares!

Speaking of love, the third song featured on the EP, "Kiss Me," starts with a light, happy melody and a almost robotic sounding conversation between a man and a woman. The man expresses his desire for the woman, to which the woman reciprocates her desire by replying "Will you kiss me now?"; Followed by a sweet, fun, uptempo beat drop. As most humans do, I start to think of how my current situation relates to the song, which turns out to be weirdly synchronistic (I met who I believe to be the "ONE" at All Good Music Festival this summer). The song continues happily with tid-bits of positive quotes and euphoric musical frequencies; the occasional break and tempo changes keeping you on your toes for the entirety of the track. Love, being an emotion that we all feel so strongly and long for, is a magical force that music can inspire us to feel; Rameses does a phenomenal job backing that fact up on this track!

The final song on the EP is Nameless Existence. It starts with a subtle down-tempo beat, overlapped with philosopher Alan Watts speaking about the idea of "reality." Watts' voice drowns out and the beat glides on with a feel good, uptempo sound. A ladies voice chiming in "You don't love me", with "love me" echoing on. The song flows freely forward with tempo changes, subtle breaks,  and more philosophy via Alan Watts' distinct voice. The song closes with Watts asking the listener, "Now how do you feel?".

As the EP wraps up I opened my eyes to see an airline employee trying to catch my attention for the last boarding call. I quickly grab my bags and dart for the space bus entrance. As I board the plane I think about what my ears holes have just experienced. "How do I feel?"..I feel amazing! I absolutely love what I've just heard from Rameses B's; It's safe to say that he has gained a new fan and follower. His music is the kind of upbeat, happy music that both non-EDM fans and EDM enthusiasts alike can't resist moving some part of their body to and feeling their mood instantly elevated. That's that shit I like!

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