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Favorite ThisTop 10 Glitch-Hop Songs of 2013

Published: December 18, 2013

By: Jordan Calvano

Top 10 Glitch-Hop Songs of 2013Glitch-hop has a power over us that we can’t explain. Is that the record skipping? Nope, just colliding bodies of sound battling it out for musical supremacy.
Something about this war of clashing drums, synthesizers, and hip-hop sensibilities will make your entire psyche started freaking out. Almost like a panic attack, but without the shortness of breath and sense of impending doom. Instead you get the racing heart, sweaty palms, and a dizzy feeling that surges listeners into a state of euphoria and mental cartwheels.
Is that something you might be interested in? If so, we recommend plugging in your finest speakers and than clearing out a spacious area, because a glitch in the matrix will be surging directly towards you once the play button has been activated.

10. Rameses B - Full Force
Ramseses B – Full Force
We wouldn’t consider ourselves video game nerds, but let’s face the facts. Our last few lists have been stocked full of exhilarating tracks entirely compatible for first person shooters, although none more monumental than this little ditty. “Full Force” isn’t just a gamers’ wet dream; it’s their deepest sexual fantasy neatly woven into an entirely melodic voyage to an outer galaxy. The Herculean anthem was created by Rameses B as the official theme song for FaZe Force, and we can only assume there is more soundtracking ahead in this burgeoning producer’s future.

9. Mr. Bill & ill-esha - Quixotically Speaking
Mr.Bill & ill-esha - Quixotically Speaking
The art of collaboration is a beautiful thing. Combining the creative backgrounds of two entirely separate human minds, than bridging them to establish newfound abstractions. Mr. Bill perfected this technique during The Collaborative Endeavors project, combining his ambitious sound with fellow lovers of glitch and constructing tangible magic. On “Quixotically Speaking,” we experience Mr. Bill and ill-esha exploring the road less traveled with a bouncy gem that makes you feel like you’re in that trippy circus scene of Dumbo. Seriously, this tune could actually cause listeners to lose themselves in a drunken daze. Try it on for size if you don’t trust us.

8. Kill Paris - Slap Me
Kill Paris – Slap Me
There’s just something about Kill Paris’ emphatic sound that makes listeners want to simultaneously have sex, travel space, and fight off aliens. Just look at the artwork for To A New Earth. That dude totally just did those three things, and now he’s taking it all in by smoking a pipe, herding some weird sheep creatures, and leaning back like a total boss. “Slap Me” is the music of the future, but we’re lucky to enjoy it now. Perfectly pitched snares, sporadic vocal samples, and the funkiest bass we heard all year. This is what porn will sound like one day.

7. Singularity - Hoizon ft Nilu (DCarls Remix)
Singularity – Horizon (DCarls Remix)
DCarls’ ambitious take on “Horizon” is a full-forced assault delivered directly to your cerebellum. The Baltimore-based producer took Singularity’s most comprehensive track to date, lightly pitched Nilu’s visceral vocals, and injected endless cartridges of shotgun synthesizer bursts to institute a roller coaster ride type affect. Massive fluctuation is truly the most infectious facet buried deep within DCarl’s oeuvre, surging up and down without warning at every corner. You might think the song is about to smooth out, but that’s when another robust wall of bass approaches unexpectedly. All we want for Christmas is collaboration between Singularity, DCarls, and Nilu. Can you imagine?

6. Haywyre - Back and Forth
Haywyre – Back and Forth

The musical palate attached to Haywyre’s youthful countenance is truly astounding. Underrated doesn’t even begin to describe his expansive musical abilities, and progression is excessively evident amongst each continuous sound stemming from his seemingly veteran fingertips. What’s even scarier? Martin Vogt’s steady rise to fame is only in its infancy. There is so much more for Haywyre to conquer, but he’s got all the time in the world to master his finely tuned approach to production. “Back and Forth” is an alluring number that delicately juxtaposes elements of glitch-hop and jazz, successfully pitting the two forces against each other with the utmost grace and pizzazz. 

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