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Favorite ThisPleasure premieres 'Hot Wings' from his Saturate Records EP Reset

Published: February 22, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

Usually when I'm writing up pieces for close allies in the industry, I tend towards the sardonic, or more likely silly's the case, but I can't even fuck around with this release, because I give such a shit about Sean McCarthy the person; just as much as I care about Pleasure the artist.

One of our favorite Weird Bass stars, but also just a righteous good dude, we've witnessed Sean fall into the depths of depression, all the while maintaining his hysterical outer shell. I'm happy to finally say that we get to see lady luck smile down on Pleasure, and hope he's enjoying his time on top.

To be able to release his latest EP, Reset, on one of the hottest labels on the planet right now, Germany's SATURATE!RECORDS, which has churned out some of the most forward-thinking bass over the past few years and built a cottage industry out of shining a spotlight on new talent, is not only a dream come true for McCarthy, but makes all his fans brim over with pride. Noisia just dropped his collab with Jimmy Pé, and one of his heroes (and ours), the main man Starkey, actually remixed a Pleasure tune for this release. Astounding. Forget about also nabbing a Stylust Beats remix for his collab with The OriGinALz. Not shabby, at all.

PleasureWe're so privileged to drop the lead tune from the EP in advance of its release tomorrow, February 23. "Hot Wings" is so Pleasure. Not only is the cut named after one of his favorite greasy snacks, but the lightness and the darkness of the track really represents McCarthy's personal triumphs and struggles. Airy, flowy, synth melodies are undercut by this grimy, bubbling bass line. Ultimate enjoyment comes from that soaring majesty that tumbles right into a filthy sub that squeezes up your face and makes you bite your lip.

Here's what Sean had to say about this journey of his:

After two failed hard drives, one broken heart, nearly being defeated by depression multiple times and countless other adventures across the country Reset is just hours away. This album contains a good chunk of my soul. It's nothing like previous Pleasure releases. I stepped away from the beautiful sounds of yesteryear and pushed forward back to my aggressive side. I've moved the music from the bedroom to the back alley entrance of the grimiest venue you've ever attended. This one is for the kids expanding their minds with their heads in the speaker, it's for the bass heads ready to headbang to every drop and for the dance floors ready to move like they never have before. I'm beyond excited to finally share this with everyone after keeping it a secret for so long. This album is a dream come true for me and hopefully you. 

I promise I'll go right back to being the cynical asshole, but right now I'm just filled with so much joy, I can't even muster it. Seeing Pleasure's name on that ubiquitous Thomas Wahle artwork that sets apart each Saturate release has melted my damn heart like butter. Let's get our fingers nice and greasy and dive into this EP tomorrow.

It'll at least put some money in Sean's pocket for more wings.

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