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Favorite ThisLet's play matchmaker: Astronaut and Monstercat

Published: December 3, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

In trolling Facebook for new music and trying to pick fights, we came across something that warmed our hearts. The brains behind Monstercat posted this up on the Wall of UK act Astronaut:
We've always wondered how Monstercat finds its new additions to the label, who all happen to have fiercely individual and blindingly brilliant aesthetic signatures. Turns out, they're right under their noses. The remix EP of Hellberg & Deutgen for "Collide" featuring Splitbreed introduced a remix from Astronaut & Barely Alive. Turns out getting your foot in the door with a remix is one way to catch the attention of a busy label.

We've known about DJ duo Astronaut for a minute, what with their contributions to various compilations, the stunning animated video for "Apollo" on UKF, and the forthcoming EP, Quantum, out soon on Disciple Recordings
Looks like our taste in music is just as refined as that of the tastemaking Monstercat folk, here's hoping that Astronaut finds a new home on one of our favorite rosters.

Tags: Downtempo