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Favorite ThisTop 10 EDM Releases - November 2013

Published: December 4, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Top 10 EDM Releases - November 2013November was a big month for our favorite electronic acts. We had stunning debuts, big label releases, remixes, compilations, and mixes that knocked us on our butts.

We got into our monthly fistfights here at The Untz HQ as to who deserves a spot on the list, and now, it is my pleasure to bring to you, the results of many bloody noses, hurt feelings, broken Herman Miller office chairs, and endless hours of Cheetos-infused, Craisin-fueled debate about the merits of these various releases. Enjoy this list knowing that we poured our blood, sweat, (lots of) tears, and Monster energy drinks into this one.

10. Mat Zo - Damage Control
Mat Zo - Top 10 EDM Releases - November 2013

It took a while, but the industry finally caught on to the unbelievable genius of Mat Zo. The guys been slowing creeping into everyone's conscience, whether it was through high-profile collaborations with Porter Robinson, or choice spots at the world's top festivals. Regardless, the young man's productions are out of control. Damage Control is filled to the brim with some of the coolest compositions we heard all year. And The M Machine remix of "Lucid Dreams," holy cow.

9. Aligning Minds - My Heart Is Remixed
Aligning Minds - Top 10 EDM Releases - November 2013

The huge Gravitas release of Aligning MindsMy Heart is Love begged to be remixed and released on an equally grand scale. Mike Folk and Dan Merrill gathered some of their best friends in the industry to put their own spin on the darling downtempo and lush, psychedelic compositions of the original. The result is a masterful collection that will help you float away on gorgeous melodies and sit entranced by gooey glitch. Love it.

8. Pegboard Nerds - High Roller ft Splitbreed - Remixes
Pegboard Nerds - Top 10 EDM Releases - November 2013
Disciple Recordings came out of nowhere and snatched up this remix EP from Pegboard Nerds. The Scandinavian duo really blew up in 2013, and this collaboration with Vegas-based rappers and producers SPLITBREED really caught a lot of people's attention. All the various remixes, coming from acts like Dodge & Fuski and Astronaut captured the intensity of the original, while playing to each of the contributor's strengths.

7. Lange - We Are Lucky People
Lange - Top 10 EDM Releases - November 2013

One of the most highly-anticipated trance albums of the year came to us courtesy of veteran producer Lange. The double-album, We Are Lucky People, features tons of gorgeous anthems bringing in elements of electro, house, and good ol' trance standbys. Some of these tunes were hitting big well before the album's release last month, and one listen lets you know exactly why. 

6. Autonomous Music - Array Vol 3
Autonomous Music - Top 10 EDM Releases - November 2013

You can't really top a compilation that features contributions from The Polish Ambassador, Phutureprimitive, Bluetech, Papadosio, ill-esha, Random Rab, and everyone on the Autonomous roster. One look at this 20+ track album, and you realize that this agency, though independent, is a powerhouse of electronic and dance music talent. Check out this dubby tune from DJ Vadim. It's just the tip of the iceberg.


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