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Favorite ThisHARD SUMMER - Top 10 Undercard Artists [Page 3]

Published: July 25, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

4. Worthy

Don't sleep on Dirtybird player Worthy. The guy's been in the game for a while. First bringing the house to the Playa, and now cruising the planet with the rest of this crew. It's a great time to be a bird, 'specially a dirty one, and Worthy's Disbehave is proof of that.

3. Destructo

Technically, Gary Richards should be in the #1 spot, because he's the most important guy on the bill. Without him, there is no HARD SUMMER. There's no HARD anything. Say "goodbye" to your HARD ROCKS and your HOLY SHIP. It's gone. Thankfully, there is a DESTRUCTO, and he spins a mean record. So catch his set, and tell him "thanks."

2. Wave Racer

When we first heard this Australian marvel, we were blown away. What sounds like Michael Jackson playing a Sega Saturn is actually a young producer who has absolutely carved out a niche for himself in a crowded industry. It's straight up good tunes. It's sunny, it's bubbly, and it feels like you're flying. Basically audio microdots. Get lost in the wave.

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