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Favorite ThisExmag debuts THRILLING Aabo x Lafa Taylor remix

Published: October 3, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

There's nothing better than a new Exmag remix in my inbox. Read all the innuendo you want into that one.

The bodacious Brookyn band and its harem of satin sheeted bedroom anthems has been pushing out new tunes and play all over the country, but it took time out to do a number on the new Aabo and Lafa Taylor joint "Turn My Music Up." This Bay Area pairing puts Aaron Bortz behind the knobs for the festival scene's favorite rapper. Who says the season of the summer jam is over? Grab a couple of Mickeys and watch the leaves change, homie.

Bortz and Taylor have gotten a couple of remixes on this hot commodity, but none as intensely feverish as this gem. Liquid cool and utterly silky, there's even a lil' trappy breakdown near the end to slow things down a bit when the funk gets too sweaty. This is a groove that will beg you to slap that replay button around like [insert joke with questionable taste].

Exmag DonderoThe Exmag guys joined me for a quick chat, so let's see what Eric Mendelson, Tyler Dondero, and David Carls had to say.

How was Denver?

Denver is amazing every time. We have a network that really takes care of us out there and we are really grateful to be there when we can.

When you're on bills featuring a ton of heavy bass, do you feel the need to aggro up your setlist, or do you relish the opportunity to get a little sexier, laidback, and enjoy the groove?

We're glad to add some contrast to a show but we like to keep the energy up when we can. We're working to cover a lot of ground with our set in the future.

What's been on heavy rotation in the tour van recently? Which act out there is really inspiring the Exmag sound?

In no particular order: Chance the Rapper, Noisia, Christian Rich, DJ Harrison, Hoops, Earth wind and Fire, Quincy Jones, and Pharoah Sanders.

Who's more likely to steal your girl, D'Angelo or James Brown (circa 1968, not today--if that was the case, we'd have a lot more issues than a zombie version of the hardest working man in show business trying to buy your lady a drink)?

Nobody's stealing my girl. Just kidding. That's a great question...

Exmag MendelsonWhat is it about Aabo's sound and Lafa Taylor's flow that you were drawn to with this remix?

Lafa Taylor is a really creative artist who has made a lot of different music over the years and we really like the direction he chose when recruiting Aabo for this album. He's a great producer.

When remixing a track with a very particular aesthetic, do you try to get as far away from it as possible, or do you try to remain as true to the original as possible (while still producing an "Exmag song")?

If we can't talk to the artist about their preference, we usually play instruments over the stems until a general idea falls together and then take it from there. We try to bring it to a new place while still paying respect to the original artist.

Much love to the Untz and the Lafa Taylor and Aabo team for the opportunity!

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