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Favorite ThisCobrayama delivers the chilliest mix with The Human Spirit

Published: November 1, 2016

By Bo Nuanual

City living. You wake up to that street sweeper cruising down your block. You notice it’s still dark outside and across the street your neighbors haven't stopped kicking it yet—their front lights are still illuminated. You hear bottles clink rhythmically along with drunken laughter. Somewhat jealous, you curse those lucky bastards while still wishing the civil servant operating the sweeper the best of luck. But it’s still too fucking early. You slowly fall back asleep. Drifting somewhere in between illuminated early morning responsibilities and high gravity dreams, you want nothing more than to keep the world you sleep in going—on speed dial—but only if you could just remember all the names of the people you had met the night before.

Cobrayama, Brooklyn-based musician Mike Iannatto, just deposited some money in the bank. Formerly a key figure in the Gramatik spin-off supergroup Exmag, Iannatto just dropped something very funky and special. Cobrayama’s, The Human Spirit mix is a fire fresh showcase specializing in everything soul, future-funk, hip-hop, downtempo, rhythm and blues, and overall feel good head noddin’ sauce. Take a peek.

CobrayamaAll the promises the city makes and breaks within a given day are respected within this mix just as much as the positive hidden meanings an urbanite may find within the gritty static when things don't go so easy and the dust begins to settle. The Human Spirit promises to hold true to our densely populated social realities; One part chaos, one part funk, one part peace, and one part that hopes you don't miss the next train.

Cobrayama’s, The Human Spirit, is part of the Blvnt Records mix series. No doubt, good is a-brewing within this crowd. Within the 54 minute mix, make sure to pay attention to Recess x Cobrayama’s unreleased track, “Flying Kites.” This dope magic nugget will be dropping soon and we’ve been given the head’s up that something special is coming...

Cobrayama will be opening for the magical Lettuce at the Playstation Theater in New York City on  November 11. This certainly will be a dope party and we encourage all to join! Looking forward and into the future, we have heard some echoes that a Recess x Cobrayama collaboration EP—Channel Driftwill be out later this month. As well, we hear Iannatto will be releasing work in collaboration with Illumntr around early 2017. Below, you can find the full and complete track list to Cobrayama’s mix. It is worthy of inspection and extremely suitable for your next train ride through town. 

Cobrayama - The Human Spirit (Mix)

PLUM - New Globe
Swarvy w/ Pink Siifu - fkthaJimCrow
Noname - Diddy Bop (ft. Raury & Cam O’bi)
Devonwho - Cruise Control feat. Mackey Force, Funk and I, CED
Mr. Dibiase - Absolute demo1
Swarvy ft. Kiefer Shackleford - Spam Grease
DJHSound - JazzBreak2
Kiefer - Tubesocks
A06 - JusWnnaLoveYou
B.Cool-Aid - dear_summer
James Zoo - Poek
Devonwho - Lyon
High Klassified - 1250
The Kount - Only Human
The Kount x Lege - Silence feat. OluKara
NxWorries - Get Bigger
Evil Needle - Jazzy Piano
Harris Cole - Waves (w/Kenny Segal, Ian Ewing & Mr. Carmack)
Mndsgn - Serchnsummo
Cobrayama x Recess - Flying Kites
Samiyam - Blowed
Ian Ewing - FloatLife
Giorgio Oehlers - I Rise
Little Simz - The Hamptons (prod. Da P)
Atu - For Us
Mndsgn - Cosmic Perspective
Devonwho - You are Sequel (cassette bonus)
Mevo - Cheaaters
Swindail - Ride Session
Mr. Flash - Powerlight
Esta & Lakim - W Hotel
Erykah Badu - Back in The Day (Puff)
Elaquent - Everything (Sepia)
Harris Cole - Michael Scotch
BNJMN & Oshi - Masamune
7 Days of Funk - Faden Away
JNTHN STEIN x Brasstracks - Dreaming at the Function
Losco - Jays Way
D’Angelo - Feel Like Making Love (Roberta Flack)

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