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Favorite ThisEmancipator, The Floozies, Liquid Stranger headline FARM Fest 2016

Published: April 11, 2016

By: Chris Conte

Farm Fest 2016As the summer's festival lineups roll out, there is always one particular flyer that I look forward to the most. The one festival that truly feels like home. You can be as weird as you want with no judgement. The weirder the better, really. You can learn, find yourself or dance 'til the sun rises. The vibe is unparalleled. This culture that we all love ironically culminates in New Jersey. When late July comes around, I know F.A.R.M Music and Arts Festival is near.

This transformational festival is set in the beautiful pine barrens of Hammonton, NJ. As you enter the grounds of the Paradise Lakes Campground, conspicuous energy surrounds you. The towering pine trees shooting up to the blue sky, welcoming each person to our sacred ground for the weekend. F.A.R.M. Music and Arts Festival stands for Future of Artistic and Revolutionary Minds. The attendees of FARM Fest seem to have an openness and understanding of one another unlike any other festival I've been too. It's a beautiful thing to be apart of, it's a true celebration of living on this planet. It's a ceremony to the collective consciousness, adventuring into usually unseen lands filled with acceptance, compassion and a yearning for a better world. At FARM Fest you can intermingle and dive into the community having experiences with teachers, musicians, horticulturists, guru's, visionary artists, spiritualists, and luminaries, alike.

This year's lineup is one of the best yet. It incorporates all angles of our diverse and inspiring culture. First of all the master of downtempo, chill music, Emancipator. His lakeside set, with the sand between your toes and the stars reflecting off the water will be something out of a fairy tale. Future funk experts, The Floozies, will be generating bass waves throughout Paradise Lake. Savoy will be there to light up the sky! BoomBox will handle the psychedelic electronica groove. FARM Fest veteran Liquid Stranger will serve up his essential sounds of the Wakaan. They really turned up velocity this year. Pulling out all the stops with these headliners. But, it doesn't stop there.

Manic Focus, Freddy Todd, ill-esha, Eliot Lipp, Garcia Grass, Wobblesauce, Yheti, Soohan, Conrank, Bommer, Esseks, Shlump, Sexy Black Female, Tweed, and Horizon Wireless to name a few! Jamtronica, weird bass, heavy ass dubstep, blue grass, jam bands; seriously, what else do you need? It's going to get beautifully, weird and wonky in the deep woods of New Jersey come July.

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