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Published: July 7, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

Northern Nights Music FestivalNestled up in the gorgeous forests of northern California, right on the Mendocino and Humboldt County Line, the freaks fly their flags in the stiff breeze whipping through Cook's Valley Campground in Piercy, CA.

The Northern Nights Music Festival is on its way in less two weeks, and the lineup is so jaw-droppingly good, we had to make sure we laser-focused your wandering eye so you don't miss a single important set.

Between house, trap, funk, and bass, this wildly inventive bill has something for everyone. We took a good, hard look at this list, and made up a fool proof dance card that absolutely will not steer you wrong. Promise.

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10. Rumtum

10 - Rumtum

Denver's own Rumtum kills me with his cool, tropical vibes. Can't get enough of that silky smooth hip-hop that not only gets my head nodding, but I get that scrunched up face like "oooh this is so good it's painful, but I need more and more and more." You know that face. I'm not crazy.

9. Morillo

9 - Morillo

Breaking out on the solo tip, Morillo has had a string of cool releases, both on the new Gladkill/sugarpill Foundations Recordings front, and on seminal left field bass label Muti Music. Not only is this filthy beat music, but there's a psychedelic streak in there that makes us go nuts. Should have the same effect on you.

8. Motion Potion

8 - Motion Potion

Robbie Kowal is a god damn Bay Area legend. His Silent Frisco events have been invited to festivals around the country, and the man is an instant party starter. Just add water. Or beer. I dunno what he drinks, maybe it's kombucha or green tea. All I know is there ain't gonna be nothin' silent about his NNMF set.

7. Little People

7 - Little People

When it comes to downtempo music, Laurent Clerc has the game by the bollocks. Combining smooth beats with gorgeous melodies and eerie aesthetics, the Little People sound is big by any other standards. Don't be fooled by the "chill" label, these are emotive, roller coaster sets.

6. Mr. Carmack

6 - Mr. Carmack

Hawaiian producer Mr. Carmack became the internet darling of 2013, and now fans on the mainland are starting to experience the prolific producer up-close-and-in-person this year. With ties to Team Surpreme and Mad Decent, the trippy trap sound of Aaron Carmack has become the hallmark for many more producers.

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