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Published: July 7, 2014

By: Anand Harsh


5 - Odesza

The Seattle duo is on fire, selling out shows left and right after a stellar supporting run for Emancipator. ODESZA just can't miss with its killer remixes and the buzz continues to grow. Some dudes deserve it. Some don't. These guys do. It's the real deal.

4. Two Fresh

4 - Two Fresh

Our favorite twins of all time, Kendo and Shweez were way out ahead of the hip-hop infusion into dance music culture. No big heads on these cats, though. They're still soaking it in, living it up, and throwing down fiercely originals sets that make everyone else seem like they're just not trying hard enough. It's hard to frown at a Two Fresh show.

3. Christian Martin

3 - Christian Martin

While his bro might be towering above the rest of the lineup, we're big fans of Christian Martin, who started off in the desert psytrance parties of a couple decades ago, made his way to house, and then co-founded powerhouse Dirtybird on his way to enjoying some well-deserved success. The Martin brothers are way more exciting than the Koch brothers--we can say that with certainty.

2. The Floozies

2 - The Floozies

Look at all the brothers in our countdown! We couldn't talk all this fraternal love and not bring up the funkiest family members we know. The Floozies are absolutely destroying, and growing at an incredible rate. And they don't make it up to California much, so this is your chance to see 'em in all their funkin' glory. Looking for the party? Look no further.

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