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Favorite ThisDMVU is such a tease. 5 new songs in 5 minutes.

Published: July 10, 2017

By: Kevin Sanders

No musician that has ever existed has not fantasized that one of their original tracks will be a hit. Some actively try to pursue this goal by morphing themselves to be a formulaic follower just for a chart topper, while others simply do their thing and hope that enough audiophiles will feel the groove and love what came to them organically. Which is exactly the route taken by DMVU, who delivered the smash to the start of festival season with the bass womper “Blocc’d.”

DMVUSome can claim that just makes him a flash in the pan, but if you comb his Soundcloud like a nurse looking for lice, you find that the grimy creations you discover are of the sulfuric substance you blast on repeat from your heaviest subs. One of Matthew Philpott-Jones' newest offerings posted on the main station for underground communication is actually a minimix of all the new heat he has sitting in his tank, just waiting for him to spark this volatile substance into our eardrums.

Coming in at just over five minutes long, DMVU’s New Shit Minimix perfectly encapsulates the primal production he showcased well on “Blocc'd,” giving a translucent view into the future of this budding bass music master. The songs teased give a wide range of experimental bass music, where the only predictable part is the grinding heavy bass used more as a layer of music than simply the beat. One of the ID's features Portguese madman Holly, who has been all over the place. He may have had only one song stream from every CDJ in America so far, but he is far from being finished numbing our audio sockets.

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