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Favorite ThisDCarls: Flavorhythm EP Part 1

Published: June 16, 2011

DCarls is not 19. Simplify Recordings' Aaron Simpson is like that Little League dad who says his boy, who's a father of two and shaves with a straight blade, just "hit a growth spurt." Meanwhile he's throwing 94mph sliders and the opposing team is pissing their pants in the dugout. There is no possible way that a 19-yaer-old producer could kick out a track like "All In," which packs such a musical punch that the only real answer here is steroids.

"All In" is so propulsive, so driving, that even glitchy diversions become part of the all-around sonic signature. The beat is playful, inventive, and at times completely M.I.A. DCarls drops the beat, not carelessly, but like he's teasing the listener. The only time we've seen this kind of action is on "Turtle Slap," from fellow Simplify teammates Blunt Instrument. Now this 6'10" sixth-grader is throwing chin music on a 2-0, knocking fans on their asses into the dirt. Then he laughs and strikes us all out. That's just cheating.

The B-side, "Runaway," brings the bass. More dubstep than glitch-hop, the second release from the Simplify debut Flavorhythm still has those light, airy synths, almost like Amazonian pan flutes. DCarls isn't trying to bash you over the head with bass, like some of his contemporaries. His magic is in his subtlety. And his curveball.  

Tags: DubstepElectroGlitchBreaksHip Hop