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Favorite ThisDanny Grooves gives away his 'Give It Away' bootleg

Published: April 5, 2018

By: Hank S. Picious

ThazDope StageWe have been impressed by everything coming out of ThazDope Records' Danny Grooves. Everything this man put out has been absolute top notch fire.

Today he serves us up some actual heat and gives it away with his remix of the Red Hot Chili Peppers classic, “Give It Away.” This hip-hop mastermind has been doling out iconic beats for years, and now he uses his talents to bowl over bass fans who have no idea what Dan Winston can do. They'll know now.

He joins the crew at Backwoods over the 4/20-22 weekend to celebrate ThazDope's 4 year anniversary. He is also hopping onto the Wake the Nation tour this year and will be meeting us out in Mariposa, California for The Untz Festival. He will be swinging fresh beats on that Hennessey Sound Design everywhere we see him.

Keep your eyes and ears open from what comes next from this legendary midwest beatsmith.

Tags: Hip Hop