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Favorite ThisBottle Service in ABunDance at Hollywood debut

Published: April 3, 2014
Story by: Charles Walker
Photos by: Jesse Wright

Smack dab in the heart of Hollywood club land, the outdoor area around Lure Nightclub was turned into a pulsating, magical world that tickled all of the senses one would expect (and not expect) to have stimulated on a journey through into a mystical wonderland. 
Grateful Generation’s latest installment, ABunDance was full of passion, creativity, community, and bass music as there were artists scattered and fixed throughout the room, all playing their part to bring it full of life.
The musical proportions of the night-turned-early-morning featured a handful of different flavors that kicked off with danielLow complete with a live dancer and violinist who absolutely shredded the stage for the early arrivals.  As more bodies filled the room, ChrisB dropped a set that got the party going in full swing for Pumpkin to throw down a set littered with crowd-pleasing mash-ups.  By this time, things were warmed up and there were bodies thick throughout.
The most anticipated set of the night perhaps was the debut of Bottle Service, a triple threat combination of bass manipulators Stephen Jacobs, Henry Strange, and Metaphase who, once they popped, blew the roof off of Lure. As a unit, they created a unique high-energy experience that infused the modern staples of electro, house, and dubstep while mixing and matching in mainstream club bangers that are highly contagious and riddled with heavy bass thumps.

Lastly, Robotic Pirate Monkey took things over and turned the room up about 10 degrees and kept things at 100 until the early hours of the morning.
There I stood at 3:00am on the streets of Hollywood, reeling in what just happened—my mouth watering for one of those bacon-wrapped dirty dogs.  As I sank my teeth into it, I couldn’t help but think how refreshing it’d be seeing Bottle Service on the scene much more this summer.  Stay tuned for more from this trio!

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