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Favorite ThisAM & Shawn Lee Release Dark Into Light EP

Published: July 23, 2011
ESL Music is proud to present the debut EP from its newest family members, AM & Shawn Lee’s Dark Into Light EP.  Taken from their debut album, Celestial Electric to be released later this year.  The EP features the track "Dark Into Light" as well as the exclusive non-album track “Spin It Around,” a shimmering trip-pop tune carried by AM’s sweet vocals and guitar lines.

ESL Music is the record label of Thievery Corporation, who will be bringing their new label mates along for their west coast tour in September.

The EP is avialable now and the full length album is expected in September.

Below is a video of the making of "Dark Into Light" which (like the whole album) was created simultaneously in their London and Los Angeles homes.


Tags: DowntempoLivetronica