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Favorite ThisAlejo remixes Somatoast's 'Obscurity Security'

Published: August 8, 2017

By: Mitchell Treend

We have our eyes firmly fixated on Alejo. He just dropped off a new remix for Somatoast, on his track “Obscurity Security” and it's majorly wicked. This release comes as the third installment of a remix series featuring a few other Shanti Planti artists that we know and adore like BogTroTTer and Sixis.

The Somatoast original was satisfyingly silky, with just enough ripple to move you in and around the distant pool of ambient bells. In that regard, it only seems fitting that a remix comes in the form of what, the talented Alex Hinger, has put together here.

Tipper 4321The energy rises and the familiar distant call of wonky bells moves closer to the forefront. Alejo delivers some carefully crafted synth work and percussion to leave the track humming along from a brand new unique perspective.

With three remixes in the books, you should be inclined to expect more from Alex and his ThazDope Reocrds home base over the coming months now that his collaborative EP with Psydell, Other Than Ourselves, is officially out in digital format. If you couldn't get enough of him at The Untz Festival, the best place to catch him is at Tipper’s 4321 event in southern Missouri for The Great American Eclipse. He’s snagged himself an impressive slot, and fans are starting to catch on.

Tags: Glitch