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Favorite ThisPsydell & Alejo whip up pure psybass perfection.

Published: May 24, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

The main homies Psydell and Alejo will be doing the heavy lifting for psybass fans at our festival next week. But one listen to their new EP will let you know that they are more than up to the task.

Just this week ThazDope Records dropped Other Than Ourselves, a new collaborative EP from Josh Sidell and Alexander Hinger. The three-track collection is two of ThazDope's top dogs producing cutting-edge psychedelic music at the top of their game.

Phonetic Flex” is the closest I've ever heard anyone get to Tip-hop, which tracks, since Alejo just got added to 4321, Tipper's eclipse event in Missouri. The title track, “Other than Ourselves,” gets us into some classic spacey psydub territory. A great introductory tune for fans who only listen to west coast and international psychedelic bass music. Trust me, you're right at home.

Closer “Anita 2000” really demonstrates how far Sidell and Hinger have come with their glitch and psy sounds. Again, if I'm referencing Dave Tipper as a close sonic relation, then you know these guys are doing something right. And watch out for that breakdown at the end. Holy shit is that funky. Scrunch up your face and get it. These tunes are going to pop next weekend. Let's all pray for B2B from these guys. In the meantime you can stream the EP here, or, you can get it at the “Gotta Have It” price of $123.45 for the next couple weeks. 

Wake The Nation 2017But really, the liner notes speak for themselves:

The year is 3033. The survival of the human race has been teetering on the edge of oblivion for ages as various species of extraterrestrial beings have discretely slid into our world under the radar. Cloaked by their ability to hide amongst the humans and disguise themselves as such, they have slowly manipulated minds and sewn themselves into a civilization that is light years away from the place they once called home. Their intentions unknown, but the effects of their time on Earth are clear. From the ruins of a decaying society rises lifeforms once unknown to man. They harbor a mutation rarely found in any creature which spurs the adaptation of their senses, and brings rise to a race of auditory alchemists who are unlike anything that has been seen before.

Psydell will be performing at every stop along the Wake The Nation tour route except for Denver and Orange Beach as it snakes its way closer to The Untz Festival in Mariposa, California from June 2-4. Alejo can be found on that Denver date as well as Oakland, where he and Psydell headline the Wormhole Wednesday on May 31 dedicated to ThazDope Records as well as The Librarian. That's going to be the real jump off pre-party in just one week. Can't wait for that one.

Rising acts like Moniker, Toadface, Eazybaked, Prophet, Vusive, Smokestax, JuJu Beats, smith., Aplsoz, beardthug, Mt. Analogue, and so many more will be blasting off on ThazDope Records stage at our festival all next weekend, and we're beyond ecstatic to have all these heavy-hitters out. Don't you dare forget about that Yheti sunrise set, neither. That will be a special experience best enjoyed with a handful of spaghetti and a box of tissues.

We've got somethin' real special cookin'. Head over to to snag your tickets for this one-of-a-kind event that'll go down in underground bass history.

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